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Peaceful Spirit Acupuncture

Reception area in our officeMain entrance at Peaceful Spirit AcupunctureLibraryTreatment room

Peaceful Spirit Acupuncture is located at 422 Taylor Place Ithaca, NY | 607-272-0114.

In 2000, Anthony and his family moved to Ithaca, NY, where they established a private practice, naming the business Peaceful Spirit Acupuncture. 

Treatments at Peaceful Spirit Acupuncture are tailored to each individual. Chinese medical principles tell us that qi is in a continual state of flux and change. We've recently shot some photographs of our spaces. Library

 There is a Library of books on Chinese and Alternative Medicine you can read before or after your visit.

Office visits are a tranquil and restorative experience.  You enter through the main entrance and after the initial consult, are treated in the treatment room.



Treatment room