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Initial Visit

Treatments at Peaceful Spirit Acupuncture are tailored to each individual. Chinese medical principles tell us that qi is in a continual state of flux and change. One of acupuncture’s advantages is that each presentation of a complaint is treated as a unique phenomenon.

The initial visit involves an extensive interview and examination. He requires as much medical and lifestyle information as possible to create the acupunture treatment. Feedback from the client after each treatment is also indispensable.

What To Expect:

Does acupuncture hurt? 

99% of the time, it does not. We use thinner gauge needles (Japanese style). The typical reaction is a slight pinch; occasionally one feels a heavy or burning sensation. Rarely does the puncture produce bleeding or bruising. This is because the needle is only sharp at the tip, and is not hollow like a hypodermic needle.

What can I expect from treatment?

During the retention of the needles, one will feel a sense of relaxation and pain relief. This effect will continue for hours and perhaps a few days. With each additional session, the tension and pain free period will be extended further. 

Payment Options

Peaceful Spirit Acupuncture offers affordable alternative health care. We have instituted a sliding scale, from $35 to $70 for each treatment. Clients are asked to pay only what they feel they can afford. Your choice of payment can change from session to session, depending on your available funds or the frequency of treatments. Our clients have the power to enjoy the health care they need, not just that which they can merely afford.

We currently accept cash or personal checks.